10,000 Sassy AF KittyButts minted on the Ethereum Blockchain

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Welcome Hooman

The KittyButts are a collection of 10,000 sassy cats living on the Ethereum Blockchain.
This is the first generation. They will give birth to the next...


Each KittyButt costs 0.02E
Maximum of 10 can be minted at a time
Minting on the Ethereum network only
All sold out
All Sold Out!
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KittyButts Minted


Ethereum Logo

Ethereum Smart Contract

Built on the ERC-721 Non-Fungible Token Standard, the KittyButts can be owned by anyone with an Ethereum Wallet address.

KittyButts are fully transferrable and tradeable on platforms such as Open Sea.
The KittyButt Logo

10,000 KittyButts

With 41 Colors.. 22 Furs.. and over 130 accessories. The possible combinations are truly CAT-astrophic.

300 boxed KittyButts are reserved for core team, giveaways and future promos.
The Metamask logo

0,02 ETH Pre-Sale Price

KittyButts are Mintable at 0.02 ETH (excluding Gas cost) starting 30th July 2021. You can mint 10 per transaction. KittyButts are initially "boxed" (unrevealed). They are only unboxed when the pre-sale period ends or sooner if all 10,000 KittyButts are minted before then.
Interplanetary File System Logo

InterPlanetary File System

The IPFS is a peer-to-peer network for storing and sharing data. This means KittyButts are decentralised and not soley on any one website or server.
Icon representing randomisation

On-Chain Randomised Starting Index

Using a Starting Index, similar to note-worthy NFT collections such as The Hashmasks, we can ensure KittyButts are minted fairly.

No-one knows what KittyButt will be minted, not even us..

The KittyButt Club

A picture of where it is safe to pet a KittyButt

The KittyButt discord is available for everyone to join. A community for like-minded people who just want to share cat memes all day.

KittyButt owners, however, gain access to The KittyButt Club. The KBC lets owners cast votes that contribute towards future stretch goals and decisions.

Stretch Goals

  • 10% Sold - COMPLETE!

    10 KittyButts will be randomly airdropped to early minters
  • 25% Sold - COMPLETE!

    KittyButts will seek partnership with Maddies.co so owners can earn revenue from KittyButt Merchandise

  • 50% Sold - COMPLETE!

    The KittyButt Club (KBC or "Butt Club") will open its doors. This is an owners-only channel in discord where members can vote on future decisions for the KittyButt collection, including future Stretch goals! 10 KittyButts will be randomly airdropped to verified club members
  • 75% Sold - Design phase

    We create a Plushie for the "KittyCorn" KittyButt that will then be sent to competition winners & sold online
  • 100% Sold - Early October

    A new kitten collection is born which takes the genetic traits of parent KittyButts to mint the new Kittens

The Hoomans

Phil I Creator Butt

Creator & Visionary
Gave up Doctoring for Butts

KittyButt G I Dev Butt

Main Dev
A posh British Gentleman

Matt I Add1ct3dd Butt

Full Stack Dev
10pm crisp muncherer

ElectrosV3 I PR Butt

Promoter & Collaborator
Message for collabs!


KittyButt Main Artist

Stanislava & Valeriya

FluffyButt Main Artists

Verified Contract Address